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One story, one passion

The beauty of the Tuscan hills, the charm of historic places and the value of typical local products were the inspiring traits of Grazia and Stefania Tasselli, two sisters who believed in the value of their land by bringing light in its ancient beauty a Villa, in the center of Carmignano, dating back to the sixteenth century, transforming it into a point of reference for all those who wish to savorthe taste of good Tuscan living.


Thus was born in 2009 Hotel Villa S. Michele, a Boutique Hhotelwith large and welcoming rooms equipped with the most avant-garde comforts, while still retaining the Renaissance characteristics that the conservative restoration has brought to light.

In 2016, the B&B "AL 21" came to life, a home automation structure located just 20 meters from the Hotel Villa S. Michele, and the luxury apartment with swimming pool "Casa Mia", 500 meters from the hotel and annexed to a manor house from an olive grove of 1000 square meters.

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