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Una history, una passion

The beauty of the hills of Tuscany, the enchantment of the place in the history and the good qualities of the local products are the rasgos who inspired Grazia and Stefania Tasselli, two hermans, who believe in the value of their lands drawing on the light the ancient beauty of a Villa, in the center of Carmignano, which dates back to the Fifteenth century, making it a point of reference for all those who want to enjoy the taste ofthe good life in Tuscany.


Thus, in 2009 the Hotel Villa San Michele was born, a boutique hotel with habitaciones ample and comfortable, equipped with the latest comforts, in the time it preserves the characteristics that the restoration of the Renacimiento has accomplished in the light.

From 2016 cobraron vida B&B “AL 21”, estructura con instalaciones innovadoras located just 20 meters from the Hotel Villa San Michele, and the apartment de lujo con piscina "Casa Mia ", distant 500 meters del hotel y anexo a la villa señorial rodeada for an olive of 1,000 square meters.

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